Head of Marketing

Jevgenij Liubačka

Marketing & advertising expert with extreme skills in Online Ad traffic management & Social Media advertisement areas. Many years of valuable experience in building companies digital image & attracting customers. As a hiring manager for several years was responsible for the recruitment of new employees. At this moment he supervises several large scale social environment projects & successfully runs his own vastly growing marketing & advertisement business.

Experience & Activities

10+ years of multilateral marketing expertise gained in supervising & development of large scale advertising projects. Essential 5+ years of experience in one of the largest sales company in Lithuania. 2+ years of priceless recruitment experience with over 5000 carried out job interviews. Supervises 180+ Facebook & other social media groups with over 2 millions subscribers. For the past several years conducted hundreds marketing trainings & consultancy sessions.

Has а highly developed critical thinking. He also truly believes in the incredible strength of social networking and victorious power of various marketing techniques.